Wall of french embassy in Cambodia

Claudine Doury
From 1996 to 1998, Claudine Doury undertook, over several trips to Far Eastern Siberia where she had gone for the first time in 1991, a visual investigation of the daily life of the “minorities” scattered from the Amur river to the polar, between the Urals and the Bering Strait. In black and white, with straight framing, she documents both the vast landscapes and the life of families in yurts without ever yielding to the temptation of exoticism.

French institute of Cambodia

Photo archive of Norodom Sihnaouk / Enrique Ramírez /
Sean Channal

Norodom Sihanouk : Born exactly a century ago, Norodom Sihanouk was the dominant figure in Cambodian political life in the second half of the 20th century. Ascended to the throne at the age of 18, he was alternately and sometimes simultaneously king, prime minister, “head of state” of the kingdom, head of several governments in exile, then king again.
Enrique Ramírez’s work combines video, photography, installations and poetic narratives. Ramírez appreciates stories within stories, fictions straddle countries and epochs, the mirages between dream and reality. This Chilean artist, who lives and works between Chile and France, often uses images and sound to construct a profusion of intrigues and to occupy the equilibrium between the poetic and the political.
Channal Sean : If photography means “writing with light”, there is a very special moment of the day, called “at dusk” which acquires a very special value for the photographer. This moment when the day is dying out and night has not yet fallen, often brief, deeply transforms the appearance and perception of things. The spaces become more blurred, less defined, the lighting is perceived as more violent and bright, everything becomes both more mysterious and unreal. An atmosphere close to fiction which, translated into images, brings a special cinematographic feeling.

Bophana center

Vannak Khun

The experience of lockdown following the COVID 19 pandemic has deeply transformed the daily life of all inhabitants all over the world. If everyone has rediscovered, by obligation, their personal, intimate space, their apartments and houses which became permanent living space, the changes in the city and in the public space that has been the most spectacular. Forbidden, the cities have been emptied, of their passers-by, of vehicles, of all life

Sra’Art Gallery

Jean-Baptiste Phou

Slicing into a body, into a face, framing snippets of body and face that are symbolically detached from the whole – and from the coherence – of the individual is not easy and can be perceived as violent.

Zen Teh

Zen Teh works about really contemporary topics and issues, both through their theme – the relationship of man to the environment, among others to the forest and the landscape – and through the aesthetics proposals she uses to develop them. At the crossroads of photography, sculpture and installation, her works which retain a real poetic dimension and mysterious aspects remind us that photography is not only an image but also an object.

Friends Future Factory (F3)

Curated by Marie Le Mounier and Beat Streuli in collaboration with Marcus Kraft Tableau Suisse :

  • Magdalena Baranya
  • Beni Bischof
  • Sabina Bösch
  • Joëlle Lehmann
  • Marianne Mueller
  • Walter Pfeiffer
  • Shirana Shahbazi
  • Jean-Vincent Simonet
  • Jules Spinatsch
  • Bernard Voïta

Java Creative Cafe TTP

Sreymao Sao & Jean-Baptiste Phou

By a Thread is an exhibition of film, photography, installation and performance by artists Jean-Baptiste Phou & Sreymao Sao that empathetically explores communication and grief. 

The whole exhibition revolves around the film, My Mother’s Tongue which tells the story of a mother and son who don’t speak the same language, until something unlocks when she suddenly falls very ill. The emotional journey unfolds through a series of vignettes that draw the viewer deeper into the inner world of a son seeking understanding and to be understood. The work is very personal and at the same time part of the universal human experience.

Raffles Hotel Le Royal (Phnom Penh)

Anna Katharina Scheidegger